About Hello Lamp Post Tokyo

Tokyo’s street furniture is waking up and wants to talk to you.

Hello Lamp Post brings to life the hidden stories of Tokyo by getting people talking to familiar objects around the city using their mobile phones.

This spring everyday things will come to life. Message the official Hello Lamp Post email address to find out what they have to say.

Created by London based Pan Studio, the project is being produced by the British Council and will launch at Roppongi Art Night on the 25th April

Find out how to play.


Roppongi Art Night

Hello Lamp Post will launch at Roppongi Art Night, where you'll be able to meet the creators, learn more about the system and ask any questions.

There will also be a presentation at Roppongi on the 25th at 8.30.

Bring Hello Lamp Post to your city

Find out what your city has to say. Contact Ben Barker at ben.barker@panstudio.co.uk

"Hello Lamp Post was first commissioned for Watershed’s Playable City Award 2013 and ran for 8 weeks in Bristol. See how people played in Bristol. The project was developed with Tom Armitage and Gyorgyi Galik."

Created by PAN Studio

Presented by British Council

In partnership with Art Council Tokyo

Originally developed for
Watershed’s Playable City Award 2013